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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Political Science & Criminology
  • Home Country: Antigua
  • Languages Spoken: English

SMUdent Bio

Why You Chose SMU: I was interested in being on a small and diverse campus so that I could comfortably complete my degree and meet new people in a close knit atmosphere.

SMU/Community Involvement:
I’ve been a member of the “Speak Up” society, where I participated in activities where international and domestic students could interact with each other. I’ve also been a Pack Leader for two years in a row where I got to help new students out and enjoy many Welcome Week events. I’ve sat on the SMU Food Committee and have been a peer mentor in the LEAP program where I helped fellow Arts first year students transition better into university life! I currently work at the SMU Women’s Centre where I get to partake in planning events and providing resources to the student body.

Favourite activities: reading mystery novels, eating wings with friends, online shopping and sleeping of course!

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