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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Criminology
  • Home Country: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English & French

SMUdent Bio

Program & Major: Bachelor of Arts, Criminology

Year of Study: 4

I am planning to go into a career of law most specifically a criminal prosecutor or RCMP. I'm from a little town three hours from Saint Mary's called Clare, which not many people have ever heard of so I often explain it as twenty minutes outside Yarmouth.

Why I chose SMU: I chose Saint Mary's mostly because of the Criminology program and since it was the closest school to home where it was offered it was important to me to be somewhere close to home in the situation that I ever wanted to leave campus or if it was hard to adjust to living in a city, however from the moment I stepped on campus I felt right at home and very accepted for who I am as a person.

Involvement at SMU: For my first year at SMU I lived in Loyola Residence and got the experience, however it wasn't for me but I do recommend it to every first year student, it gives you a great experience and you meet a lot of people and make a lot of great friends that last a lifetime.

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