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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Psychology
  • Home Country: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English

SMUdent Bio

Major: Psychology

Year of Study: 2

Why I chose SMU: the reason I chose SMU is because SMU has a good psychology program and SMU offers a wide range of interesting courses such as Japanese.

SMU/Community involvement: I attend all courses and have educated myself on most services offered at SMU. my first year was when I learned about SMU campus by utilizing most services on campus, living on residence and attending meeting which are geared towards helping student understand more about student life. In my second year, my goal is to use the information I have gathered to enjoy the SMU campus and societies, as well as volunteering both on campus and off campus.

Favorite activities: Reading, Studying, Drawing, Tutoring, and helping other people reach their goals.

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