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SMUdent Info

  • Major: Management & Physics
  • Home Country: New Brunswick, Canada
  • Languages Spoken: English

SMUdent Bio

I am a 4th year dual major in Commerce and Science. Since 2014, I was a residence assistant and employee with the Centre for Housing & Residence Life. I've also worked in the library since 2013. I'm an avid studier & expert in which chairs are best to nap in!
I've acted as President of the SMU Parks Canada Society, volunteered with SMU Habitat Society, and am a loyal supporter of Wing Night at the Gorsebrook.
If you're coming to SMU, my recommendation is to join a society, play an intramural, live in residence, take an elective way outside your major just because it sounds cool- whatever floats your boat!

I'm looking forward to another great year at Saint Mary’s, meeting the new students, and answering your questions!

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