Executive and Professional Development

Writing Reports that Deliver

Well-planned and well-written reports get better results – because they provide better information. But it's not just the content that makes a report effective, it's as much about the organization of content and the use of language. When you create a document that contains only relevant information, is laid out in a logical way, is easy to understand, and uses language that resonates with your audience, then you will have a winning report.

This workshop will look at the key problems readers have with reports and how to avoid them. It will also look at formatting and organization to ensure readers can easily navigate longer, more complex documents. Level of language will also be discussed and participants will roll up their sleeves and tackle rewriting text so it is readable and relevant.

Writing Reports that Deliver is a required seminar for the Series for Excellence in Written Communication.

DATES - 1 Day Seminar

January 24, 2020

$420 + HST
Facilitator: donalee Moulton, BA
Location: Saint Mary’s University at 1800 Argyle Street 8th Floor Halifax NS


Program Content

This course will cover:

  •  Structuring material effectively
  •  Determining what information to include – and exclude
  •  Outlining as a tool for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness
  •  Writing plainly and powerfully
  •  Using language that engages readers, not weighs them down

 What You Will Learn

  • The difference between active and passive voice – and which is preferred
  • How to create a reader-friendly tone and approach
  • How to utilize images to best advantage
  • Organization of ideas logically and smoothly
  • Trends in report writing and how formal documents have changed

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • write reports
  • manage staff who write reports
  • want to understand best practices in writing longer, more formal documents
  • want to enhance decision making