Executive and Professional Development

Understanding People Dynamics

The workforce of today is more diverse and complex than ever before. Expectations are higher and more demanding from employees, bosses, suppliers and clients. Depending on the life stage of individuals and even organizations, demands may be quite different and challenging. In this seminar participants will become familiar with some of the latest models in understanding people and learn ways and means to create a more engaging and trusting work environment.

Understanding People Dynamics  is a required seminar for the Certificate in Managing Today's Workforce.

DATES - 2 Day Seminar



Location: Saint Mary's at the World Trade Centre, 8th Floor, 1800 Argyle Street


Program Content

Social Awareness

  • Improving your Emotional Intelligence
  • How to manage and interact with generational differences
  • Accounting for the impact of current life stages of employees
  • How to integrate cultural differences in developing a well-functioning staff
  • Recognizing and dealing with hierarchical differences in behaviour

Creating an engaging workplace

  • How to set realistic expectations
  • How to recognize and deal with group dynamics in contrast to individual behaviour
  • How to create a safe and trusting workplace
  • Develop techniques in ensuring good communication & feedback
  • How to account for context and perspectives in developing relationships
  • Fully understanding the manager’s role and responsibilities particularly with what can be done and what is better left to others.

What You Will Learn

  • Awareness of your perceptions and responses to personal differences whether culturally, generationally, or expectations and how to manage yourself while using that knowledge to develop better relationships with your employees and superiors.
  • Knowledge in recognizing the differences in individual behaviour versus group and hierarchical dynamics and how to use that knowledge in getting better feedback and work productivity.
  • An understanding of how to excel as a manager at your level recognizing what you can truly influence and how to maximize that influence.
  • A framework for developing employee engagement and superior results.

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • want to improve your ability as a manager and leader
  • want to assess the effectiveness of your current understanding and skills as a manager/leader
  • want to develop your potential for advancement