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50 Idioms About Arms, Hands, and Fingers

BBC World Service - Contains written, audio and video links. Sections include news items for ESL learners with vocabulary explanations, a section on business English with articles of special interest to those working in foreign countries, quizzes, pronunciation tips, pop culture links, etc. Also has a message board for English learners all over the world.

WriteFix - Guides ESL students through the process of writing short argument and opinion essays. Provides a step-by-step guide to writing them, a breakdown of the parts of an essay, sample topics and model essays.

Using English for Academic Purposes - Contains tools for the process of writing an academic essay, understanding exam questions, doing research, organization, plagiarism, and much more. This site provides a good breakdown of the entire writing process.

Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English - A guide to writing an academic essay for intermediate to advanced ESL writers. Includes basic essay organization skills, information on describing cause and effect relationships, comparing and contrasting, persuasive writing and more.

Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students - A list of fill in the blanks quizzes to help students with grammar. Good for articles, prepositions, word choice and more.

ESL Idiom page - Have you been wondering what it means to “call it a day”, or to “take it easy”? This site lists lots of English idioms with definitions and examples.

ESL @ Ohio University - Click on “English Student Resources” to get a list of links. Includes links to skills such as grammar, reading, writing and speaking. Also links to helpful sources, simplified for new English readers, on World News, Society and Politics, History and Culture, and more.

ESL on - Extensive site with lots of resources to help with writing, reading and speaking English for learners of different levels. Contains sample dialogues, grammar rules, quizzes and games, references for starting writing assignments, business English requirements, résumé writing and more. Also contains information for people interested in teaching English as a Second Language.