Student Discipline Code

Student Discipline Incident Reporting

Faculty, Staff and Students can report any incident which violates acceptable student behaviour as outlined in the Student Discipline Code. Reporting is done by writing a letter to the Senior Director, Student Services, giving specifics on the incident (date, time, place etc.), person (Saint Mary's University student) involved, names and contact information of witnesses as well as any supporting documentation (written statements from witnesses). It is advisable to consult with one of the three Disciplinary Officers prior to writing a letter to ensure the discipline system is the correct pathway to deal with problematic behaviours. The Student Disciplinary Board is not an investigative body and so all documentation related to the incident is to be provided by the person reporting the incident.

The Senior Director, Student Services/Disciplinary Officer decides, based on information submitted whether the Student Disciplinary Board will be convened and a hearing held. Individuals involved are notified in writing of the date, time and place of the hearing. The individual who writes a letter outlining an incident must appear before the Board as the Complainant. The Complainant needs to be aware that the student (Respondent) will have access to any information submitted around the incident prior to the hearing date.

The Student Discipline Code does deal with violent behaviour however all Faculty, Staff and Students should report any violent act(s) which threaten their own safety, that of others or of property, to University Security immediately at 902-420-5000 or if in Residence, to Residence Security at 902-420-5591 and the Occupational Health and Safety Officer at 902-420-5658. The purpose of the Code is to deal with unacceptable behaviour after it has occurred for the purpose of education and remediation, not during or immediately after an incident. University Security maintains safety on campus and Residence Security in the University Residences.

Tom Brophy, Senior Director of Student Services is located on the 4th Floor Student Centre.

To schedule an appointment to see the director please email or call 902-420-5761.