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Boston Competition Winners Applauded by Premier

Date Published: February 7, 2018

On February 2, a team of Sobey School of Business graduate and undergraduate students took second place in the Venture Capital Investment Competition (New England region), held in Boston. On February 7, the Premier paused at the end of his State of the Province address to over 650 attendees to ask the team and professor Ellen Farrell to rise and be recognized for their accomplishment.

He complimented their team for their "humility and confidence" and commended them as examples of the kind of leadership and innovation that Nova Scotia needs, and what the government and people should be investing in.

The team were attending the event, hosted by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce at the Cunard Centre in Halifax.

The Saint Mary’s students travelled to Boston last week to join teams from MIT, Babson, Yale, Rochester and Dartmouth in evaluating three entrepreneur’s pitches, and completing a term sheet describing which they would invest in, and why.

Finalists Saint Mary’s and Rochester then negotiated with their chosen entrepreneurs. Industry professionals judged the competition based on the quality of analysis and insight and the calibre of the final deal. The final judging was 6/6, meaning Saint Mary’s had tied with Rochester. To determine a winner, the judges referred back to initial discussions with the entrepreneurs, which gave Rochester the edge.

The students who competed were chosen from Saint Mary’s venture capital program and the multi-university Venture Grade student venture capital fund.  Competing were Findlay Hilchie and Anu Gupta, from the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program; Stephanie Fitzner, BComm; and David Hatcher and Avi Chandrapati of the MBA program.  Stu Clow (MBA) was the shadow.

In March, Sobey School will host the Canadian VCIC at Saint Mary’s University.

Recognition is accorded to team coach Ellen Farrell and local business leaders who helped the students prepare: Rob Barbara, Build Ventures; Andrew Ray, Innovacorp; and Chris Legg, Progress Partners of Boston and CENE member.

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