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Congratulations to Our 2019 Charter Day Winners!

Date Published: March 23, 2019

Below is the list of winners from the CHARTER DAY AWARDS, 2019 who are affiliated with, students of or alumni of the Sobey School of Business. In addition to these, Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray received an Honourary Gold "M".


Excellence in Teaching Awards

  • Faculty of Commerce:  Edward McHugh         
  • Overall Excellence in the Field of Education: Dr. Ellen Farrell

Certificates of Distinction                     

  • SMU Arab Society- Rami Zokari
  • Dénis Amirault
  • James Martin Gavin 
  • Natalia Gutierrez Valencia

Special Awards

  • Sophmore of the Year: Sarah Little
  • Student Leader Award: Ciaro Moxey
  • James Ryan Memorial Award: Mary Navas
  • Kendon Matheson Memorial Award: Alexander Anderson
  • Thomas Whitty Memorial Award: Kyran Williams
  • Rhian Mood Memorial Award: Tariro Chigubu
  • Mac Attack Award: Sean Reardon and Quinn Docherty
  • Bryan J. Rice Award for Excellence in Governance: Omar Hany
  • Literary “M’: Mitchell Archibald
  • Silver “M”: Sehmat Suri
  • Gold “M”: Mahmudar Rahman Shovon and Leslie Gates
  • Platinum “M”: Ossama Nasrallah

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