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Saint Mary’s students dive into finance learning in the Big Apple

Date Published: April 17, 2019

In March, eight finance students from the Sobey School of Business flew to New York to attend the Quinnipiac G.A.M.E. IX Forum. Master of Finance students Pascal Eze, Christina Liu, Alexander MacBain and Lin Ye joined Sobey School Impact Fund students Adam Bateman, Ashley Leblanc, Nevin Becker and Tahsin Fatin for the journey to the financial heart of North America.

Dr. Najah Attig and Ross Hallett, co-directors of the Impact Fund at Sobey School, have led this annual trip for years. They call this three-day innovative investment conference invaluable. By attending, students can learn from internationally-recognized speakers about developments, challenges and opportunities in the financial markets. In addition, students had the chance to visit different institutions in Wall Street including NASDAQ and interact with analysts.

Says Dr. Attig, “While in some professions there is a clear set of definable competencies, in business, and more specifically in finance, students need to acquire skills that go beyond their technical competency in the field and further their employability by learning how to match their skills to different career options and adapt to the ever-changing market environment.”

While on the trip, Pascal Eze was afforded the opportunity to ring the NASDAQ closing bell. Ashley Leblance was chosen to represent Saint Mary’s University on the special student panel for the Global Economy Keynote Panel, featuring high profile speakers from Manulife Asset Management, WellsFargo, BlackRock and Bloomberg News.


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