Impact Team

Students enter the program as either first-year MBA students or third-year undergraduate students, and commit to two years with the Fund.

In their first year, students are designated Research Associates (RAs). Their duties involve providing assistance to the more senior Fund Managers (FMs), who manage the Fund.

Fund Managers' duties include asset allocation decisions, security selection and preparation and presentation of professional reports. Each FM is assigned to one or more economic sectors for which they act as primary analyst. They make investment decisions as a team, with the guidance of industry mentors. In all decisions, FMs are faced with the same types of constraints regarding asset allocation and security selection decisions as those faced by real world money managers.

In addition, FMs are expected to play a significant role in the training of the RAs.

Ashley Adams, Usmaan Ali, Parker Bell, Mitch Norrie, Jorge Gonzalez, Tyler Burns, Stephanie Fitzner, Nick Briggs, Mengqing Chen, Alex Fowler, Jordan Logan, Amaan Popatiya, Patrick O'Brien, Avneesh Hingorani, Clara Budag. Front, seated: Yifan (Grace) Ni, Will Robbins, Ross Hallett, Dr. Najah Attig, Jarrett Leach, Esraa Habboush.,

2017 Impact Team

Meet the team: