Honours Economics Students Represent at CEA 2017

Charlene Boyce

Matthew Peters is an honours Economics student whose research was recognized at CEA

Do income, age, marital status or employment rates affect voter turnout in Canada?

Sometimes. Maybe.

Matthew Peters was recognized with Best Performance accolades at the premier economics event in Canada, the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) meeting. Matthew, a senior Honours Economics student, presented a poster examining the way income inequality and other socio economic factors interacted with voter turnout in Canada during the period 1979-2015. He concluded that socioeconomic status was not an easy or clear determinant in deciding whether a citizen would vote. These factors encouraged some and discouraged others depending on whether their perception of past voting experience was that it resulted in action or change, or not.

Matthew presented in the poster session, one of only 12 presenters from across Canada. He responded to 2 hours of questions on his research.

Fellow Sobey School student, Pat Marcuccio of the Master of Applied Economics program, also presented in a regular session. Pat presented on the effects of pollution on BMI (Body Mass Index). 

Being accepted to present to CEA is competitive, and it is commendable that both students achieved this honour. The students were part of a group of Saint Mary's University Economics students accompanied by Dr. Yigit Aydede.

Matt Peters & Dr. Yigit Aydede pose in front of Matt's research poster