Social Justice & Community Studies

Minor in Social Justice & Community Studies 

The Social Justice & Community Studies Minor Program offers students in all Faculties, and social justice and community engaged professionals, the intersectional knowledge necessary to engage in problem solving, organizational work, and public deliberation in a range of complex social issues. The Minor offers flexibility in the choice of disciplinary areas of study while promoting a broad interdisciplinary understanding of social justice and social justice-informed approaches to community. 

How to apply (Canadian students)

How to apply (International students) 

How to declare your Minor

The SJCS Minor positions Students and Professionals for Future opportunities through:

o   Social justice-informed and community-engaged training for further study in undergraduate, professional and graduate programs;

o   Training for social justice-informed and community-engaged employment in the civil service and government; politics and social policy; non-profit/non-governmental organizations; unions and labour relations; social advocacy and research; international organizations and relations; social work; education; law; journalism; medicine and nursing; socially responsible business; university and college administration. 

To complete a minor in Social Justice & Community Studies (SJCS), a student must obtain at least twenty-four (24) credit hours (8 courses) in SJCS, including the following 6 credit hours:

  • SJCS 1211: Social Power Relations (prerequisite for all SJCS courses; equivalent to SOCI 1211)
  • SJCS 2000: Canadian Society and Social Justice 

Students must also complete 18 credit hours (6 courses) from the following list:

  • SJCS 2100: Community Organizing
  • SJCS 3220: Race, Racism and Colonialism
  • SJCS 3408: Urban Sociology
  • SJCS 3508: Corporate Crime
  • SJCS 3608: Forms of Servitude
  • SJCS 4370: Multiculturalism in Canada and Abroad
  • SJCS 4432: Gender and Law
  • SJCS 4570: Indigenous Politics and Settler Colonialism
  • SJCS 4739: Transnational Community Organizing
  • SJCS 4740: Intersectionality: Theory, Methods and Praxis 

In addition, students may complete up to 6 credit hours of the following courses towards the 18 credit hours for the Minor:

  • ENGL 2261: Postcolonial Literature: Africa, the Caribbean, and South Asia
  • ENGL 2513: Introduction to Indigenous Literature

A proposed SJCS Major and SJCS Honours Program wil be considered for SMU and Maritime approval in 2018-2019, to begin running in 2019-2020. Always consult the academic calendar to ensure you are fulfilling all requirements.