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Scrabble Tournament


The tournament follows the North American SCRABBLE Players Association and uses the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.



Eighth Annual Scrabble Smackdown 

Free registration. Refreshments and prizes. Everyone is welcome!

March 3th, 2018
10:00 am
Student Centre Café

Register online or contact us » writing@smu.ca | 902-491-6202 | In person: Writing Centre, Burke 115

Teams may have 1-3 people. Please register before March 2nd.

Are you the next Wordsmith of Saint Mary's?


7th Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown Tournament

Refreshments and prizes, and a Scrabble Smackdown t-shirt for everyone!

March 4th, 2017
10:00 am
Student Centre Café

Contact us to register >> writing@smu.ca | 491-6202 | In person: Writing Centre, Burke 115

Please register by by March 3rd.

Everyone is welcome! All skill levels!


6th Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown Tournament

Saturday, February 27 | 10:00 am | SMU Student Centre


Are friends in awe of your expansive vocabulary?                            

Do you love a little friendly smack talk?

Register by February 25th | writing@smu.ca | 491-6202 | SMU Writing Centre, Burke 115

Everyone is welcome!

 and become the Wordsmiths of Saint Mary's!


The tournament follows the North American SCRABBLE Players Association and uses the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.


5th Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown Tournament

10 team and 30 scrabblers duked it out for the title of Wordsmith of Saint Mary's.

For the second year in a row and third time overall, the team, Exotic Quixotics, are champs. Congrats to Ron and Gord!

See more photos from the big day.




4th Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown Tournament (2014)

ScrabbleImageThis years matches scored the highest points, as teams used Scrabble words (those nasty two and three-letter points maximizers) and strategy to rack up points. Over 3700 points were scored in the first two rounds.

Ultimately, it was the Exotics Quixotics, Gordon Giacomin and Ron Ormston, who are once again the Wordsmith's of Saint Mary's! Kudos to Bafana Mashingaidze who played alone as team Ghost Busters and came 2nd.

Special thanks to our sponsors Just Us! Coffee, Aramark Food Services, Atlantic News, Duly Noted, Garrison Breweries, SMU Bookstore, and Uncommon Grounds.

2014 Scrabble Smackdown! Scoreboard
Teams Round One Round Two Round Three
Attila and the Huns 272 227 499
Exotic Quixotics 290 139 429
The Jarls of Whiterun 191 209 400
Scrabble Dabblers 88 108 196
SMU Ghosts  195 116 311
WC Giants  212 254 466
Scrabble Scribes  75 216 291
The Bored Games 162 148 310
Ghost Busters  178 240 418
Smug Hosts  193 207 400
Scrabble Tournament Ladder
Quarter Final Matches Semi-final Matches Final Match
 Attila and the Huns    
 Ghost Busters Ghost Busters  
    Exotic Quixotics
WC Giants Exotic Quixotics  
Exotic Quixotics    


3rd Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown Tournament (2013)

Another success!

The writing centre's own team of Alicia, Jacob, and Cate carried the centre to victory over the Scrabble Dabblers: Lacey Hughs (Residence Life), Kati Kilfoil (Residence Life), and Justine Stacey (Service Centre).

Thanks to our sponosrs: Just Us!, SMU Bookstore, Neptune Theatre, Atlantic News, Video Difference, and Hasbro.


2nd Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown! (2012)

SMUwhitenoglassesThe Smackdown! was a tight race this year, with the team Mad Scrabblers (Janet Stalker, SMU's Brand Manager and her wordmeister partner, Shannon Nudds) coming out on top; they are the Wordsmiths of Saint Mary's. Their win in the fifth round was seriously challenged by the super-student team representing the Commerce Society, Los Amigos, consisting of Colin Walsh and Chris Halliday. Third place this year was the wordsmith team HR: students Ancilla Chui, Matt Clarke, and Laura Achenbach.

Prizes for highest single game score and highest word score (sextant, 106) went to team Mad Scrabblers.

Thanks to our sponsors Hasbro, Just Us!, SMU Bookstore, Uncommon Grounds, Wired Monk, and Video Difference.

Smackdown! Facebook page.

1st Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Smackdown! (2011)

Scrabble Smackdown! WIN Report!

Through six rounds of play, the drinking of fully caffeinated coffee, and the awarding of hundreds of dollars of prizes, the day long, 1st Annual Writing Centre Scrabble Tournament Smackdown was deemed a success. From the 30 registered participants, students, staff, and alumni were all represented, with the best representation coming from Campus Security with three teams registered.

Prizes were handed out to the winners of each round. Prize for highest scoring word (vikings, 84 points) went to teamScrabble Dabblers, made up of staff from Residence Life and Service Centre, Lacey Hughs, Kati Kilfoil and Justine Stacey, who were also runners up over all in the tournament. They took home Yoga passes from Moksha Yoga studio, coffee and chocolate from Just Us!, and a selection of books from Trident Books and Book Mark II.

Prize for most unusual word (bigfeet, plural form of bigfoot (yes, really)) went to Muzjiks79, consisting of SMU students Sarah-Marie McDonald and Robert Shears. Their prizes included Uncommon Ground coffee and travel mugs and the Scrabble game Slam! compliments of Scrabble and Hasbro Canada.

Prize for most improved team over the course of the tournament went to Campus Security’s Cranium Crusherz, Josh Chrvala, Nicole Baltzer, and Darrey Cameron, who received Just Us! coffee and chocolate.

Overall champions and the first ever ‘Wordsmiths of Saint Mary’s’ goes to the alumni team Brewers, Pat Brewer, Gordon Giacomin and Ron Ormston with a total score over the six round of 1490 points. Each received a Scrabble board game from Scrabble and Hasbro Canada, plus a $25 gift card each from Mic Mac Mall and the Halifax Shopping Centre, as well as a $20 gift card from Sobey’s.

All participants received a coffee card from Local Jo Café and Market, a free rental from Video Difference, and a free coffee card from Uncommon Ground.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous and enthusiastic support and donations, including Scrabble and Hasbro Canada, Trident Books, Book Mark II, Just Us!, Uncommon Grounds, Video Difference, Local Jo Café and Market, and the Saint Mary’s University Bookstore. Without the support of the community, this tournament would not have been as successful as it was. Thanks, too, to the staff of the Writing Centre for their hard work, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and for agreeing to work on a Saturday!

In discussion after the tournament, everyone agreed that a regular Scrabble group should be established, so watch for an announcement in the near future.

Preparations for next year’s tournament are already underway!

Here is a breakdown of the tournament:

That's a Word, Rite?, Tony Bowron (staff), Karen George (alumnist)
Round 1 119
Round 2 79
Round 3 134
Round 4 167
Round 5 133
Round 6  
Total 632
Scrabble Dabblers, Lacey Hughs (staff), Kati Kilfoil (staff) and Justine Stacey (staff)
Round 1 216
Round 2 109
Round 3 255
Round 4 174
Round 5 345
Round 6 219
Total 1288
Team Brewer, Pat Brewer (alumnist), Gordon Giacomin and Ron Ormston
Round 1 211
Round 2 215
Round 3 255
Round 4 279
Round 5 233
Round 6 297
Total 1490
Cranium Crusherz, Josh Chrvala (student/staff), Nicole Baltzer (student/staff), and Darrey Cameron (student/staff)
Round 1 93
Round 2 71
Round 3 123
Round 4 105
Round 5  
Round 6  
Total 392
The Scrabbled Eggs (Over; Easy), Anne-Marie Armour (student), Leah MacIntyre (student), and Kyle MacInnis (student)
Round 1 178
Round 2 151
Round 3 119
Round 4 153
Round 5  207
Round 6  
Total 808
Beyond Borders, Sreejith Sasikumar (student) and Kamagujo Karekezi (alumnist)
Round 1 152
Round 2 106
Round 3 85
Round 4 98
Round 5 202
Round 6  
Total 643
Muzjiks79, Sarah-Marie McDonald (student) and Robert Shears (student)
Round 1 148
Round 2 137
Round 3 101
Round 4 94
Round 5 140
Round 6  
Total 620
Faith in Your Face, P. Dawn Davis (student) and Nicola Fendert (student)
Round 1 124
Round 2 73
Round 3 141
Round 4 132
Round 5  215
Round 6  
Total 685

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