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Science Numeracy & Academic Proficiency Centre

The Science Numeracy and Academic Proficiency (SNAP) Centre is a free, drop-in academic support centre dedicated to first-year students.

All first-year Bachelor of Science students are welcome to access the SNAP Centre for help with their first-year mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry coursework (and possibly for other courses, upon request).

What academic support does the SNAP Centre offer?

The SNAP Centre offers first-year students free drop-in access to tutors who provide academic support, including assistance with studying and assignments, for specific/targeted first-year Science courses. SNAP Centre tutors are all former first-year students themselves, and they have the experience and knowledge to help you succeed. 

We have also developed 12 different, short “mini numeracy workshops” (approx. 15-20 minutes in length) to provide assistance in areas of basic mathematical tools. These numeracy workshops cover topics that will be used frequently in first-year science courses and that students may have forgotten from their high school courses. They can be downloaded below and are designed to be done either at home on-your-own or with a tutor in the SNAP Centre. Students are free to ask tutors to schedule a time to run through a workshop with them, or ask for assistance on specific things from a workshop they’ve worked through on their own.

Who are the SNAP Centre tutors?

SNAP Centre tutors are all upper-year Saint Mary's undergraduate science students who have demonstrated expertise in mathematics, chemistry, biology and/or physics. All tutors are Dean's List Science students who have achieved a high degree of academic success; Dean’s List students are those with an annual average of A- or higher (GPA > 3.70). At any given time during the Centre's hours, two tutors will be present.

SNAP Tutor Schedule

The winter 2020 SNAP tutor schedule will provide the names of the tutors on duty during each 30-minute time slot of the week. It also indicates which subjects the tutors are comfortable answering questions in, with B meaning biology, C chemistry, M math, and P physics. Tutors with more than one subject letter have their strongest subject listed first).

Click here to view the: SNAP Schedule -- Winter 2020.

Numeracy Workshops

The following 12 short “mini numeracy workshops” are designed to take about 15-20 minutes to work through. They are all aimed at providing assistance in areas of basic mathematical tools – topics that will be used frequently in first-year science courses, but ones which students may have forgotten from their high school courses. These can either be done on your own, or you may ask a SNAP Centre tutor to set up a time to go through a workshop with you:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the SNAP Centre, please speak to one of the tutors on duty or contact Dr. Sam Veres, Associate Dean of Science - Student Affairs (Acting).

SNAP Centre
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Associate Dean of Science - Student Affairs (Acting)
Dr. Sam Veres
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