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The Robin Rigby Trust is administered through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at Saint Mary's University in Halifax.


Robin Rigby

Robin Rigby

‌Patricia Robin Rigby (Feb 28, 1977 - Dec 9, 2007) had the opportunity to live and study in a variety of cultures and geographical areas. Her research and professional work benefited greatly from this international experience, which enabled her to appreciate the need to adopt alternative resource use strategies within varied local frameworks. Established by Robin’s parents, Doug and Mary Rigby, the Robin Rigby Trust extends the benefits Robin had to other young people involved in the identification, sustainable use, and conservation of coastal and nearshore natural resources, so they can engage in meaningful international interactions, and carry out the kind of research and development work Robin loved.

The Trust rules are designed to encourage researchers in Canada to work with overseas coastal communities while researchers outside Canada are encouraged to connect with coastal community partners in Atlantic Canada. Since 2008, nineteen individuals have received funding for coastal communities research through the Trust. 

The deadline for the upcoming round of proposals is October 31, 2019. Robin Rigby Trust 2019 Call for ProposalsThose considering applying to the Robin Rigby Trust may find it beneficial to explore previous funded projects.

Tax deductible donations to support the research are welcomed and may be made to the Robin Rigby Trust through Saint Mary's University, 923 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3H 3C3, Canada. For information on how to donate, please contact