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Risk Management Toolkit for Leaders

Living involves risk. How much do we attend to addressing the risks we face or even know what risks we potentially face?

Any decisions leaders make; any actions they take involve risk. In some decisions, particularly personal ones, we may spend more thought in assessing and addressing risk. In other cases, we often take risk for granted or leave it to someone else to address. Even a 99% chance of success has a 1% chance of failure. Each individual and organization has a different tolerance to the level of risk acceptable. Are you more risk averse or risk tolerant?

With greater requirements for speedy delivery of goods, decisions and actions, the risk of something going wrong is greater than ever before. If risk is not addressed appropriately, organizations risk losing customers, employees and reputation. Companies and leaders who identify, assess and develop appropriate responses to risk, stand a much higher chance of success including weathering chance events and a quickly changing marketplace. Those who do not acknowledge and act; face an increasing risk of failure or at the very least, being left behind.

This one-day seminar will give leaders a simple process and easy tools to identify, assess and address risks. You can develop appropriate plans before things go wrong. A chance to react appropriately when things change or do not go according to your expectations.

Risk Management Toolkit for Leaders is a required seminar for the Series for Excellence in Leadership.

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DATES - 1 Day Seminar

March 18, 2020
May 29, 2020

 $420 + HST
Facilitator: Michael Kennedy, BSc, CAE, MEd
Location: Saint Mary’s University at 1800 Argyle Street 8th Floor Halifax NS


Program Content

Risk tolerance

  • Assessment of personal and organizational risk tolerance


Risk assessment process. Overall process to

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Respond


Tools to identify risks

  • SWOT analysis
  • Scenario development
  • Lessons Learned


Risk assessment matrix model

  • Likelihood versus consequence of risk occurring


Response Generation: Discussion of appropriate responses and how to decide

  • Ignore
  • Accept
  • Mitigate


Follow up/progress measurement

  • Progress charts
  • Lessons Learned

What You Will Learn


Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • are in a role where decision-making and problem solving is a regular activity
  • wish to use a more systematic approach to managing the risk items that arise
  • are in a planning, supervisory, management or advisory role