Submitting Orders to the Ricoh Print Centre


Whether submitting an order in person or via email please make sure to include the following info with every order.

                                             Please note: as per University policy, exams/tests/quizzes may not be sent to the Print Centre sent via email.
                               Print Requisition Forms for regular orders and for exams are available at the Print Centre or digitally on our main web page.


Contact and Billing Info:

  • Name
  • Telephone and/ or email you can be reached  at
  • Department (if applicable)
  • Full Budget Code (FOAP) that your order will be billed to ie. 100000 8000 77960 9999  A FOAP is a 4 part code for internal chargebacks. (Fund  Organization  Account  Program)
  • For personal orders we accept debit or credit (we don’t accept cash)

Deadline and Pickup/Delivery Info:

  • The date and time your job is needed by (please do not use asap as a deadline) A deadline is very important as it helps us schedule the workflow and makes sure everyone gets their order when they need it
  • If you have a rush job, please follow up with a phone call to make sure the order is received and that we can accommodate your deadline. 
  • Indicate if you would like an email notification or phone call when your order is ready
  • Indicate if you will be picking your order up or would like it sent through internal mail (exams will not be sent through the mail for security reasons)
  • Exams/tests/quizzes must be picked up and signed for by either the relevant Faculty Member or designated Department Secretary. Upon pick-up, the order must be signed for.
  • If you have a large job (1000+ sheets) that requires delivery, please provide a room for delivery.  If you will not be there during a certain time (ie. for lunch), please let us know.
  • For large volume exam orders, the Department can schedule assistance from Inventory & Distribution or Facilities Management staff (a minimum one hour notice). Once signed for by the relevant Department representative (Faculty Member or Department Secretary), the additional staff member will accompany the requestor to their department. Exams will not be delivered without the presence of the requestor.  

Job Details:

  • Would you like a proof first? (mandatory for large colour or complex orders)
  • Size of the finished product (we print in inches)
  • Ink type – ie. colour or black & white
  • Single or double sided
  • Paper type -  ie. text weight, cardstock, supersmooth
  • Paper colour – ie. white, pastel green, neon yellow
  • Finishing required – ie. coil bound, stapled top left

Please make sure the contents of your document are final BEFORE sending it to the Print Centre (ie. spelling, grammar, layout, etc.).  Taking a small amount of time to double check your document beforehand can save time later and avoid costly redos!

Other important things to remember when sending an order:

  • The maximum file size the university email can accommodate is about 10MB.  You can also send your file through a file share site, DropBox or bring it in via flash drive
  • PDF files are best to maintain formatting.  It is best to mention the number of originals the file should be as well.
  • Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.  If you are sending something after hours or on the weekend, it will be processed when we re- open.