coursepack is a collection of journal, magazine or newspaper articles, book excerpts and other specific materials selected by a course instructor for distribution to students as required or supplemental reading. They are a convenient, inexpensive learning tool!

Coursepacks are sold through the SMU Bookstore. If the Bookstore sells out of pre-printed copies, they will give you a "raincheck slip" to submit to the Ricoh Print Centre. Your coursepack will be available for pick up at the Print Centre 24 hours after dropping it off.  


 Coursepack Preparation

  • Faculty must first collect all of the materials, books and readings to be included in the coursepack. We will do all of the handfeeding from books for you. Simply mark the page ranges you require with post-its and we will take care of the rest.
  • When using articles/materials from published sources, either in print or downloaded, you must fill in the copyright form with the following information:
    •  ISBN/ISSN (if applicable)
    •  Publisher (date, volume, edition)
    •  Name of publication
    •  Name of excerpt/article
    •  Author/editor (article and/or book)
    •  Total number of pages in the book 
    •  Page range to be copied
    •  Total number of pages to be copied
  • The copyright form must be submitted to the Print Center
  • If I do not have an original, or my copy is in poor condition, can the RICOH Print Centre acquire a new one for me?
  • How can orders be expedited?
  • How long do special copyright permissions last?
  • Do I have to get permission to use material found on the internet?
  • Can I use material found in the Library databases or electronic journals?
  • The materials must then be delivered to the RICOH Print Centre (RM014MM across from the Faculty Lounge)
  • Faculty must provide a table of contents and a bibliography for the coursepack.

 Once the material is submitted, RICOH Print Centre staff will:

  • Submit the copyright log to the library for a compliance check.
  • Arrange the materials in the required order and provide a proof of the coursepack prior to printing.  Please note that it is university policy that a proof be authorized prior to printing.

 * Professors have the option to choose either cerlox or coil binding for their coursepacks.  Please specify your choice when placing your order.*

  Important Tips to Avoid Delays:

  • Avoid cutting pages and using tape or glue on the originals - small pages and sticky residue cause problems when scanning the material
  • Include all relevant detail on the print requisition: instructions on printing, the course number, section, title, academic term and the instructor’s name.
  • Provide contact information such as work phone, home phone and email address as there may be questions during the production process. In the event of absence during the production period, please appoint an alternate and provide contact information.
  • Proofs will be provided for new and revised coursepacks (not in instances of straight re-runs). Approved proofs should be returned to the RICOH Print Centre as soon as possible to avoid delays. Production is interrupted at this juncture until receipt of the approved proof.
  • On average, a coursepack requires 5 weeks to prepare, allowing time for copyright approval, proofing and production. Coursepacks received less than 5 weeks in advance will be completed in the order received. Every effort will be made to complete the coursepack in time for the beginning of classes.

Faculty need to submit their coursepack order through the University Bookstore (as with regular textbooks).  The Bookstore determines the quantity of coursepacks to be printed based on enrolment numbers and whether the reading is required or supplemental.  The contact at the Bookstore is Don Simpkin @ extension 6283.

Coursepack Deadlines

On average a Coursepack requires 5 weeks to prepare, allowing time for copyright approval, proofing and production. Coursepacks received less than 5 weeks in advance of a semester will be completed in the order received.  Every effort will be made to complete the coursepack in time for the beginning of classes.

Coursepack Copyright Approval

All items in coursepacks must meet the requirements for reproduction. It is important to remember that reproduction, either print or digital, must be licensed for this type of use or meet the requirements for an exemption for education use. For additional information go to

Preparing a Revised Coursepack

  • Existing Coursepacks can be edited by adding, removing or repositioning articles.
  • When editing, provide all relevant information including: new articles (complete with the source, ISBN, ISSN, publisher and authors of any notes, journal or books), articles are to be removed, and the revised order (i.e. an additions and/or a deletions list).
  • Faculty should then follow the instructions for coursepack preparations.

Ordering a Reprint of an Existing Coursepack

Reprints of existing coursepacks are available simply by placing an order through the University Bookstore. Don Simpkin is the contact at extension 6283.  The Bookstore will request the course number, term and the instructor’s name, etc. Coursepacks from a previous term may be subject to new copyright restrictions due to license requirements.

FAQ’s for Coursepack Production

A. Unfortunately, the RICOH Print Centre does not have access to resources available through the library or on the internet.  Therefore coursepack creators will need to supply copies of the articles, books, original notes, etc. for scanning and creation of the custom coursepack.  Full bibliographic information for all contents should be provided as well.

A. To ensure quick service, make sure to supply complete bibliographic information for everything included in the coursepack. Coursepacks are produced in the order received so it is best to submit the materials as soon as possible. For coursepacks received after the deadline, every effort will be made to have the coursepack ready for start of term. Normal coursepack production lead time is 5 weeks from the start of the process to the time material is sent to the University Bookstore for sale.

A. When needed, permissions must be obtained for each & every term of use and if a royalty payment is required, it will need to be paid for each new term as well. In some cases an ongoing license may exist but each item still needs to be checked each term. Reprints will also be checked every term to ensure copyright compliance.

A. Just because material is on the Internet does not mean there is permission to copy it. Works found on the internet should be assumed to be under copyright unless otherwise indicated. You may reproduce copyrighted works when you are the copyright owner of the works, when you have obtained permissions from the copyright owner, or when an educational exception from the Copyright Act applies. Whether material is on-line or a printed document, if it is copyrighted then permission may be required and obtained on an individual basis.

A. Material found in the Library databases can often be used when compiling coursepacks. The library subscribes to a wide variety of electronic databases that include thousands of journal titles. The permissions of the various publishers vary greatly when it comes to permitted usage. Through licensing agreements, many publishers grant permission to the University Faculty & staff to use/copy the material for educational purposes, which allows for it to be incorporated into coursepacks. However, other publishers may have more restrictive regulations when it comes to the copying of their materials. This material may still be incorporated in coursepacks by requesting permission directly from the publisher. For assistance in determining whether permission is required please contact Copyright Assistant Simon Bonnell (6321).

It is always important to remember copyright legislation applies when it comes to using print or electronic materials. If you are in doubt about the permitted usage of any materials please contact the Print Centre or the Library for further assistance.

Questions regarding coursepack production can be directed to:

RICOH Print Centre
McNally Main Room 014
(902) 420-5579

OR Alternatively to:

Simon Bonnell
Copyright Library Assistant
Library First Floor
(902) 491-6321

Suzanne van den Hoogen
University Librarian / Copyright Officer
Library Room 206
(902) 420-5532