The Named Entrance Scholarship application is now closed for 2019.

Sudent’s applying in the fall for September 2020, the application will reopen November 1, 2019

Named Entrance Awards Application


  • To be considered for Named Awards applicants must complete Part 1.
  • To be considered for Named Awards AND Bursary and Awards Applicants must complete Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Applicants wishing to apply for the Presidential and Santamarian Scholarships must complete Part 3.
  • The deadline for submission of the application is March 4.


  • Completed Named Entrance Awards Application Form.
  • Completed Undergraduate Application including fee, transcript and supporting documents.
  • Letter of recommendation sent from their high school Principal, Guidance Counsellor, or Teacher.
  • Resume, which should include such things as involvement in community service, participation in student government, athletic achievement, extra-curricular activities and volunteer and/or paid work. 


Before completing this form, please read through it to see what kind of supporting documentation you should have ready to attach (e.g. high school transcript, resume, letter of recommendation, letter for financial need etc.). Word Doc and Adobe PDF files are preferred.

Part 1. Apply for Named Entrance Awards

* Required Information

* Last Name (surname/family name)

Previous Surname (if applicable)

* First Name



* Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

* Street Address/PO Box/Rural Route/Lot #

* City/Town

* Prov./State

* Country

* Postal/Zip Code

County (NS, NB & PE only)

* Email Address

* Telephone

Cell phone

* High School

* High School (City, Province)

Is an immediate member of your family a Saint Mary's University Alumni?

Please indicate what they are in relation to you:

Volunteer Experience:








Intramurals/Sport Teams you participated in:


Extra-Curricular Experience (e.g. clubs):









Please attach your resume:


Please attach your letter of recommendation from high school Principal, Guidance Counsellor or Teacher:
Note: Letters of recommendation can be sent to directly from the referee. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure their application is complete before the scholarship deadline.


Check if you are in these programs:


* Intended program of study (university):



Certain Scholarship/Bursary Awards require specific information from the applicant in order for the university to award them.

Have either of your parent(s) or guardian(s) graduated from a college or university?


Are you actively involved in an equestrian program?


Do you consider yourself Black/a person of African descent?


Are you a female African Canadian from Nova Scotia who has demonstrated financial need?


Are you a resident of the Preston Nova Scotia area?


I will be graduating from the O2 Program?


I will be graduating from the Ontario Specialist High Skills Major Program.


I am participating in a techsploration school and/or I am a Techsploration Alumae.


Are you going to live in Residence?


Will you be applying for a student loan?


Part 2. Apply for Bursary and Awards


The following is required only if you would like to be considered for bursaries and scholarships which include a component of financial need.

  • Copy of both parent(s)/step parents and/or guardian(s) Income Tax "Notice of Assessment" from the previous year.
  • One page personal statement of need outlining your financial circumstances and reasons why you feel you should be considered for a bursary. This should also explain why there may be only one parent or guardian income.

*Financial Need Based Scholarships

Please note that the following must be completed in order to be considered for bursaries and scholarships which include a component of financial need.

Estimated Resources for the Upcoming Year

Savings from part-time employment:

Education/University trust fund:

Contribution from family:

Other (indicate source):

Occupation and Annual Income of Parent(s)/Step Parent/ Guardian(s)
If your parents are separated or divorced, provide the information for your primary caregiver.





Annual gross income:





Annual gross income:

Number of dependent children in family (including the applicant):

Number of children attending university or college (including the applicant):

Were you born in Canada?


How many years have you resided in Nova Scotia?

Have you attended high school in Nova Scotia?



Please attach your Personal Statement of Need

Please attach "Notice of Assessment" here:

Part 3. Presidential / Presidential International Baccalaureate / Santamarian Scholarships


Scroll to bottom if you are not interested in applying for the Presidential or Santamarian scholarship and press “submit”

The Presidential / Santamarian Scholarships are available to both domestic and international students.

I am applying for the Presidential and Santamarian scholarships:


Awarded on the basis of:

A 95 % average and a 750 word essay based on your community involvement, contribution to school life and plans for the future. Please ensure that you have attached a letter of recommendation (above) and resume (above). Applicants applying for the Presidential and Santamarian scholarships are considered for the Named Entrance scholarships along with the rest of the Named Entrance scholarship applicants if they are not successful in receiving a Presidential or Santamarian scholarship.

Please attach your High School transcript:

Community involvement, contribution to school life and plans for the future, please attach your 750 word essay:

Recipients of these awards will be awarded by their overall placement in relation to other candidates.

To be considered for an award you must submit this application. The University may disclose the name of award recipients to donors and other parties (i.e. high school counselors).