Executive and Professional Development

Making Change Work

Did you know that 70% or more of change initiatives such as re-engineering, quality, and mergers fail - and for the same reasons?

During this three-day program you will learn what the biggest mistakes are in designing and implementing effective innovation, and how to avoid them. You'll learn the secrets to making change work for the complex challenges you face today – a structured process for addressing not only the change you want, but also the real roots of resistance to change from all parties. In addition to traditional change tools, you will learn tools and techniques you won't see anywhere else. They will uncover the root causes of resistance and ensure the changes you design will work for bottom-line results in the long run. To enhance your learning, this seminar provides the added opportunity to implement the tools learned in an Applied Study detailed below.

Participants will receive a copy of the book Memory Jogger II by D. Ritter, F. Oddo and J. MacCausland.

PRE-SEMINAR PREPARATION: Prior to the course you will receive a memo and some readings from your instructor. We ask that you read the material and come prepared to discuss it.

Making Change Work is a required seminar for the Certificate in Engaging Stakeholders and Leading Change.

DATES - 3 Day Seminar

October 7 - 9, 2019
March 23 - 25, 2020 

Facilitator: Ravi Tangri, MSc, MBA
Location:  Saint Mary’s University at 1800 Argyle Street 8th Floor Halifax NS 


Program Content

The Fundamentals of Innovation

  • Recognize the core principles of effective innovation
  • How to use innovation as a strategic advantage
  • Why innovate

The U-Process

  • Learn the only proven process for large scale, high-risk change in complex situations
  • Sensing – How to understand the full scope of the situation
  • Presencing – How to identify the real issue under all the symptoms most people address
  • Realizing – How to take wise action from what you have learned Sensing and Presencing, as opposed to just taking action

Systems Thinking

  • Discover the systems-thinking model used to create the legendary customer service delivered by FedEx® when it was founded
  • Learn how to design people systems to support your innovation
  • Find out what the 'living core' of systems design is that will sustain your innovation
  • Learn the fundamentals of Chaordic Design and how it applies to your change project

The 3-D Cycle of Creativity

  • Discover the intuitive creative strategy used by Walt Disney himself
  • Learn the 3 types of thinking required for effective innovation
  • Discover the two secrets to effective innovation that almost every change effort fails to address

The Solutions Model™

  • Discover the root cause of almost all resistance to change – and the key to making change work
  • Learn how to create a customized strategy for making change work that applies to your unique challenges

Applied Study

You will develop your own case study, in your own organization and apply the tools you learn to work it through. By engaging your team and implementing your new tools, you will gain a far deeper understanding of them and how to make them work on an ongoing basis.  You will provide a written report of your case study to the instructor who will provide an added level of feedback for this work.

What You Will Learn

  • What influences and drives effective innovation
  • The U-Process for large-scale, complex change
  • The simple three-step process for effective innovation used by both Walt Disney and Albert Einstein
  • How to see your organization as a living system – and how to work with it as a living system to create effective change
  • How to design the people systems that support corporate innovation

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • are an executive or manager tasked with making change work
  • are working on large-scale system-wide change
  • work in a fast-changing environment
  • are part of a team assigned to design and implement change
  • want to maintain your competitive advantage