Services for Students, Faculty & Staff

SMUport is Saint Mary’s secure Intranet, where you can check email, join groups and academic forums, keep up with campus events, and more. Access SMUport from anywhere, and change the layout to customize your layout. Default channels include campus announcements, but you can add your own such as weather and news.

  • Faculty and students can access all of their courses online, and also:
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Groups
  • Campus Announcements
  • Access SMUport by simply entering your S# and password and logging in.

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Having trouble logging in? Make sure CAPS LOCK is not on (passwords are case sensitive). If you’re still having trouble, visit the Activate page (you will need to have your #A and PIN).

Error Message: When you log into SMUport for the first time, you will receive an error showing up in the email channel. To remove the error and begin accessing your email through SMUport, click on the Email icon located in the upper-right corner of SMUport. You will be prompted to enter your email password. This password is the same password as your SMUport password.

Pop-Up Windows:SMUport uses pop-up windows. If you have pop-ups disabled in your browser, this will interfere with your use of SMUport. Disable the block or customize it to not block pop-ups for

For more information, Contact the Help Desk by  email, or phone: 902-496-8111.