Public Inquiries/Complaints

Everyone at Saint Mary's University is here to serve the public, who in turn, support the University. It is imperative we be cooperative, helpful and courteous to our campus visitors and telephone callers. If you cannot help the caller or visitor with their questions, please direct them to the appropriate person or department.

- Report complaints regarding your department to your supervisor.
- Report complaints regarding the University to the External Affairs Department (5518).

Threatening Phone Calls
- Remain calm.
- Obtain as much information from the caller as possible.
- Observe any distinctive background noise or speech patterns.
- In the event of a threat of violence (i.e. bomb threat), contact Security (5000) immediately.

- If there is no threat of violence, report the call at once to your supervisor.
- Inform External Affairs (5518), President (5403) or V.P. Administration (5410).

- Go to the Security Desk in Loyola and report the incident immediately.
- Your Residence Coordinator will explain your options and take action.
- If you wish, you can have your telephone extension changed. Contact the Help Desk (8111) to do this.

Annoying Telephone Calls
Hang up if the caller says nothing, uses offensive language and/or refuses to identify themselves. An offensive caller wants an audience: do not be that audience.

Information Requests
- Potential students should be directed to Admissions (5415).
- Academic records, courses, marks or exams should be directed to the Registrar's Office (5582 or 5583).
- Special events or conferences should be directed to the Conference Office (5485).
- Media should always be directed to the External Affairs Department (6568).