Printing in the Labs

Lab Printing

All students receive a starting credit of $5.00 upon becoming a student at Saint Mary's. In order to add print credits to your account, you must go to the Circulation Desk located at the entrance to the Patrick Power Library. Print credits can be added to your account at the rate of $0.10 per sheet of paper, a minimum of $2.00 + tax. You can check your print balance at anytime by double clicking the "Printing Balance" icon found on the desktop when you login to any campus lab computer.

In order to see how many print credits you have left, find the Printing Balance icon on the desktop:


– Double-click on this icon.
– Double-click on the dollar-sign icon on the taskbar (next to the clock).
– The window that appears will tell you how much credit you have.


Print Pricing

As a part of ITSS' commitment to the sustainability initiative on campus, duplex printing has been set as the default for all lab printing.  Double sided printing not only helps save paper, it also saves you money.  Printing double sided will cost you half as much as printing single sided printing because you are only charged by the peices of paper, not by how many sides are printed. 

  • Help us keep printing costs low by not removing paper from the printers and use scrap paper, provided by each is FREE

 Black & White Printing

  • 0.10 per piece of paper (whether single sided or double sided)

Colour Printing (Only available in the Den)

  • 0.36 per piece of paper (whether single sided or double sided)

Where Can I Print?

LA200 (2nd floor Loyola)
ME009 (BW & Colour)
Atrium (1st floor)
Library (1st floor)

How to Print

  • Click "File"
  • Then click "Print"
  • The print dialog box will appear
  • In the drop down menu for select printer, choose the printer which is in the room you are working in.

Printing Single Sided Documents

  • Select "Print"
  • Click the ‘Properties' button in the print dialog box
  • Under the "Setup" tab in "Properties, go to"Duplex" field, which has a drop down menu
  • Select "OFF" to print single sided pages

Printing on Legal Size Paper

  • To get legal sized paper, see the Lab Assistant on duty or the Atrium Helpdesk or the Loyola Helpdesk
  • Select "Print"
  • Click the ‘Properties' button in the print dialog box
  • Under the "Paper" tab in "Properties, under the "Input Tray" option, select "Bypass Tray" option, from drop down menu
  • Make sure that the "Duplex" is "OFF"
  • Click "Okay"
  • The printer that beeps and has a flashing red light is the printer you need to put the legal sized paper in the manual feed tray, known as the "Bypass Tray" as it is holding the print job until the paper is inserted


Click here if you are experiencing difficulties printing.