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Changing Passwords

One of the ways in which we help you protect your online information is to make sure your computer account passwords expire every 90 days (whether or not your account is being used). If your password has expired, or you want to change it, visit the Activate page (you will need to have your #A and PIN).

Change your Self-Service Banner password by going to the Personal Information tab and clicking Change your PIN. Computer account passwords expire every 90 days, whether or not your account is being used.

If you lose or forget your Banner PIN, A# or other account information:

If you are a student, contact the Help Desk (Loyola 268) or Enrolment Services (McNally Main 134). Faculty and staff can go to Human Resources (McNally South 103), or contact the Help Desk. In order to gain access to your account, you will be required to present photo identification.

Trouble logging in?

Make sure CAPS LOCK is not on (passwords are case sensitive). If you’re still having trouble, visit the Activate page (you will need to have your #A and PIN).

Protect Your Information

Passwords are an excellent way to protect your information. Never share your password and other account credentials with anyone. Always use unique passwords and never reuse them for multiple systems.

For more information, visit our Information Security section.

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