The Twelve Tweets of Tipmas

8. For the eighth tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Keep up to date

Make sure you have up-to-date virus protection running on your computer. While you’re at it, check your operating system, apps, and web browser for any available updates.


7. For the seventh tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Stay informed

Check the University status before you head in. University status:

You can also check the IT System status: Here you’ll find important information on system maintenance, outages, security reports, etc.


6. For the sixth tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Be aware

Digital security isn’t reserved for the faceless unknown; we must remain aware of our immediate surroundings.

Always use a device you trust – if it is a public device, be aware of the information you enter and make sure you log out of anything you’ve logged into when done. Never leave your personal devices or thumb drives where others can access them.


5. For the fifth tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Free software!

Use any of the apps that Office 365 has to offer either on the cloud or by installing them on your device.

Father Christmas says “back in my day, when we bought software we had a plastic case filled with CDs. We had to load them into the computer one at a time and wait for the software to prompt for the next”.

No more! Simply go to The Office 365 Website and log in using your SMU credentials. From there you can use any of the online versions of the apps or even install the local versions onto your computer.

See more HERE!


4. For the fourth tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Find all the help you need.

Do you need help? You can check out our Service Catalogue and Knowledge Base area for tips and resources. Still need help? Submit a service request or contact our help desk. It can all be found here:

The ITSS Help Desks in Loyola and at the Library/Atrium are there to help as well.


3. For the third tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Shop Safe Online!

Keep safe while checking people off your list.

Make sure the shopping website you want to visit is the real deal – type in the address directly or use existing bookmarks.

Be wary of scammers through email, telephone, and text messages. They will often use scare tactics to get you to click their link or give them your private information.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Rumour has it that the Grinch creates sketchy mobile apps and websites that seem to offer fantastic deals or discounts… but he just wants to steal your money so you can’t buy gifts for your loved-ones.

For even more information, check out these tips offered by the National Cybersecurity Alliance: NCSA Holiday Shopping Infographic


2. For the second tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Update your password!

Mark your calendar! You may be away from your accounts over the break - update your passwords in January to start a new year fresh and safe.


1. For the first tweet of Tipmas, ITSS gave to me:

Connect your new technology!

Are you expecting Santa to bring a new smartphone, tablet, or laptop this year? Any new technology might need to be configured to connect to SMU resources.

We suggest connecting to Eduroam:

While you’re at it, make sure that your new device is protected by using the security features on the device.


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Microsoft Outlook Mobile Application - Security Warning

Microsoft recently acquired the mobile application Acompli and has rebranded it as “Microsoft Outlook” for iOS and Android. This is a concern for staff and faculty at Saint Mary’s who choose to use the application, because it is not compliant with the Personal Information International Disclosure Protection Act (PIIDPA).

The main privacy concerns that were identified include:

• The app stores a copy of the user’s credentials on servers outside of Canada
• Message content is stored on servers located outside of Canada (PIIDPA violation)
• After an account is deleted, Microsoft’s servers continue to attempt to retrieve email
• The app does not enforce ActiveSync security policies (e.g. device passcode requirements, ability to wipe remotely, etc.)

If you have already downloaded the app, we recommend that you immediately delete the Outlook app and change your Saint Mary’s S# password. At this time, using the native email application on your mobile device is the only supported (and safe) option.