Managing Your Passwords

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Passwords are a key line of defence in protecting your information — make sure yours are effective. Never share your password with anyone. Always use unique passwords and don’t reuse them for multiple systems.

Saint Mary's University computer accounts (s#) require certain level of security. Passwords expire every 90 days, and must be created according to the following rules:

  1. Length of at least 8 characters
  2. A mix of upper and lower case characters
  3. Have at least one digit
  4. Can NOT contain spaces or unusual characters (!, #, ?, ...)
  5. Can NOT contain all or part of the user's account name (login user name, first name and/or last name)

Mobile Phone Password Instructions:


Setting the Device Password:

  1. Tap the iPhone's Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select Passcode Lock.
  4. Tap Turn Passcode On.
  5. Enter a 4-digit passcode that you can remember; re-enter it to confirm.
  6. Hit the power button to put the iPhone to sleep. Hit it again and the iPhone will ask you to enter a password to unlock it.

Additional Tips:

  • Simple passcodes are four digits long. You can switch to a complex passcode with alphanumeric characters by disabling Simple Passcode.
  • You can configure your device to automatically erase all contents (Secure Erase) after ten failed passcode attempts.
  • If you enter an incorrect passcode too many times, the device will be disabled temporarily.
  • Once a passcode has been enabled on the device, the entire device is encrypted.

BlackBerry BB OS 10

Setting the Device Password:

  1. From the Home screen, click Settings (Icon looks like a gear)
  2. Click Security and Privacy.
  3. Click Device Password.
  4. Change the Device Password field to On.
  5. Type your new password twice and click  OK.

Data encryption

  1. From the Home screen click the Settings (icon looks like a gear).
  2. Click Security and Privacy.
  3. Click Encryption.
  4. Change the Encrypt field to Enabled.
  5. To encrypt files using an encryption key and your device password, change  Device Encryption to Enabled
  6. To also encrypt media Card enable Media Card Encryption


Setting the Device Password:

Set up a Screen Lock, found under System > Security > Screen Lock. We recommended using the PIN or Password option, as these are not restricted by length. 

Data encryption:

If your device uses Android version 4.0 or newer, you should turn on device encryption. This can be done in Settings -> Security -> Encryption. Before you can utilize device encryption, you will be required to set a screen lock password.