Lab Rules

  • Earphones are mandatory while using audio.
  • Cellular phone conversations are prohibited inside the labs.
  • The removal of lab equipment and/or furniture from the labs is prohibited and may result in criminal charges for the offender(s).


  • Bacteria cleaning wipes are in each lab for your convenience and protection to cleanse keyboards & mice only. In the event this dispenser is empty, please contact the Helpdesk at 496-8111.
  • Save your work frequently.
  • Be prepared to leave at the lab closure times of 9pm on weekdays and 6pm on Fridays during the academic year. 
  • If you experience software difficulties, contact the ITSS Help Desk for assistance.
  • Write your username on all portable media (e.g. DVDs, CDs, USB sticks). Lost items are held at the Security Desk, MM016 (5577).

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