INB Banner and Java compatibility

Many applications, including Internet Native Banner (INB), require Java JRE to run. Java JRE is a plugin that works with Java and is installed with Java.

**Java 7 is now FULLY supported by Ellucian, the makers of INB. If you are running INB, ITSS recommends that you upgrade to the latest version of Java as it is increases overall workstation security.

The latest compatible version of Java 7 JRE can be found here. Please ensure you select the Accept License Agreement option and the proper version for Windows as identified.

Java Runtime Image

After you accept the license agreement and click on the download, run the application. 

You may see several prompts depending on the type of internet browser you use, and you may be required to close any open browser windows. Be advised, one prompt may ask you to install a toolbar and the default action is 'yes'. ITSS recommends you do not install any toolbars as they may impact the performance of your internet browser. All other prompts should be answered with 'yes', 'run' or 'allow'. If prompted to verify the version, please proceed.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with installing Java 7, please contact the ITSS Help Desk.