FAQ for personal (non-SMU) computers

ITSS is often asked for recommendations on how to deal with personal (non-SMU owned) computers that are having issues. Here’s a brief list of some common questions/answers.

Note: This information is only provided as advice. ITSS will not be able to assist with the downloading or use of these tools and will assume no responsibility for their actions. Please ensure you review their agreements and warnings before proceeding.

Q. What virus program do you recommend?

A. Windows:


A. Macintosh:

Q. I think I have Malware on my computer. What can I use to find and remove it?

A. Windows:


A. Macintosh:

Q. My computer isn’t working right. Where can I get more information?

A. Microsoft ‘How can we help you?” site

A. Apple, “Welcome to Apple Support” site

Q. What is a firewall and should I use one?

A. For more information

Q. My computer is always telling me to ‘update’ software. Do I need to do anything?

A. Software updates are usually a result of a security related problem that’s been found. Keeping your security updates current is the best way to avoid malware and virus infections on your computer.

Q. I heard of a data breach involving a company I’ve done business with in the past, what should I do?

A. Review the official company webpage that refers to the incident. Review your bank information to ensure there is nothing out-of-the-ordinary. If you suspect any issues, contact your bank for more information.

Q. I’m always asked to create logins and I have too many password to keep them all straight?

A. Password managers are good to assist with multiple passwords. KeePass Password Safe is a free highly secure multi-platform solution 

Note: Avoid password reuse. No one likes having multiple passwords but always using the same password is a recipe for disaster. If one site gets compromised, they will often try the login name and password at other similar sites.

Q. Where can I get good IT security advice?

A. The Naked Security by Sophos stands out as offering award-winning and very easy to understand advice on security issues.