Phone and Voicemail Support

Saint Mary's provides faculty, staff, and students living in residence with a broad variety of telephone and voicemail services. This section will assist you with these services, including information on directory assistance, long distance calling, and how to access different features on your phone.

Telecommunication Services
- directory listings
- repair services
- switchboard
- faculty telephone moves and changes
- department long distance reports

Telephone Extensions
- calling extensions from off-campus

Placing Telephone Calls
- on campus
- long distance
- employee long distance policy

Placing Fax Calls

Public Inquiries/Complaints
- complaints
- threatening phone calls
- annoying phone calls
- information requests

Telephone Use Guide
- redial, hold, conferencing, etc.


University Phone Directory
- department designates
- adding, editing and deleting entries

Important Contact Information

Help Desk
Location: L268
Phone: 902-496-8111
Hours of Availability