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Saint Mary's faculty, staff and ALL students use Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook for email and calendar services (replacing Exchange 2010, and the Outlook Web Application (OWA)).  Office 365 allows them to access their email, calendar, cloud file storage, and many other applications, from virtually anywhere. Together, these make up the standard, supported email and calendar environment at SMU. For those who need to use a different email client, Office 365 supports standard IMAP access, as well as ActiveSync access for mobile devices.

Please note: Undergraduate students NOW receive a SMU email account, which is the username for Office 365.  Students are also required to provide an existing email account of their choosing for official communications from SMU, this is called the Preferred Email Address.

To access your Office 365 account, please go to and enter your email address as the username, and your S# password for the password.

This section provides information about email and calendar services, including:

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