Computer Accounts

Services for Faculty, Staff & Students

There are two different accounts that you will use to access university facilities and online services:

Self-Service Banner Account (A#)
Your A number is your Self Service Banner username. It starts with the letter A and is followed by eight digits (eg. A12345678). If you are a student, your A number lets you register for courses, access exam schedules, and view transcripts and grades. If you are an employee, you can use it to access payroll information, job history, and tax forms. In order to access Self-Service Banner, you will require your A# and the PIN that you received by mail.

Have you lost or forgotten your A number or PIN?
Students: Contact the Help Desk (Loyola 268) or Enrolment Services (McNally Main 134).
Faculty and staff: Go to Human Resources (McNally South 103), or Contact the Help Desk by email, or phone: 902-496-8111. You will need to present photo identification to access your account.

Find out more about Self Service Banner.

Computer Account (S#)
You can access access email, network drives, SMUport, campus computers, and other services with your S number (your computer account username). To activate your S number, visit the Activate page, which outlines the account activation process. Please note, you’ll A# and PIN in order to set up your S number.

If you need access to additional systems and resources, Contact the Help Desk by email, or phone: 902-496-8111

Online Storage
Everyone on campus gets a personal network drive with 100MB of available storage. This J drive can be reached from My Computer. Students can access the J: drive from the general access labs on campus; staff and faculty can also access it through their work computers. It cannot be accessed from off-campus.

The P: drive on' (P:) is used to post assignments, and other course-related materials. Students can access the P drive from the general access labs on campus and from computers in residence. To access the P drive from off-campus, go to Students can access SMUNET by entering their s# and password. The P drive is the first link you will see.