Banner Security

Guideline for INB Banner Password

To change your password, first log into INB Banner with your existing password. On the right-hand side under My Links, you may have a link called Change Banner Password. If not, enter GUAPSWD in the Go To… box at the top of the screen.

Banner Password Image

This will take you to a menu where you will be prompted for your old password, followed by a new one (entered twice to ensure it matches). Then click the Save icon at the bottom.

Oracle Password Image

The password you choose must be complex, yet memorable so it doesn’t require a post-it reminder. Here are a few simple steps to take to create an acceptable password.

Password length must be 9 - 28 characters and include, at minimum, one lower case alpha character (a-z), one upper (A-Z) and one numeric character (0-9). You may also use # and _ in your password.

Your password cannot contain your username, first or last names or the word ‘password’. It cannot have more than three consecutive repeating characters (‘aaaa’) and the first character MUST be a letter.

The name and date of a special event like Easter2010 does meet the requirements, but it isn’t very complex. If you revise it to Eas20ter10 then it’s much more difficult to guess.

Another scenario is to use a passphrase which is the same as a password but easier to remember. Try blue4doorHonda or myCat_has6toes. You can also use IgraduatedinMay_2011fromSMU as long as you keep it between 9 and 28 characters long. Misspelled words and nonsensical statements offer an extra amount of complexity too. The#5isSpelledFOUR or MickeyANDPlatoDusty23

Never reuse a password for access to more than one system and remember, your username for INB Banner is for your own use and is not to be shared. You're responsible to protect your account by maintaining passwords that are secure, non-guessable and not written down. Never give your password to anyone; ITSS will NEVER ask for it.

  • Must have 9-28 characters long
  • Must have first character as a letter
  • Must have one upper case alpha (A-Z)
  • Must have one lower case alpha (a-z)
  • Must have one number (0-9)
  • May have # or _
  • Cannot have the word ‘password’
  • Cannot have your username, first or last names
  • Cannot have more than three consecutive repeating characters (‘cccc’)

Your Banner password expires every 180 days and 10 failed attempts to login will result in your account being locked. In the event of a password failure and you're unable to access your account, you will need to contact the ITSS Help Desk. They will open a service request which will result in a phone call from the IT Security Specialist to reset the password over the phone