Invitations, Academic Regalia & Dean’s Cards

Pick up times for Invitations, Academic Regalia & Dean’s Cards

Invitations, Academic Regalia & Dean's Cards can be picked up in the Gown Room (Loyola 188).

Gown Room Hours

Monday, May 13th to Thursday, May 16th, 10:00am-7:00pm.
RETURNS ONLY: Friday, May 17th, 10:00am-5:00pm (GOWN RETURN ONLY) 

PLEASE NOTE:  You must pick up your Invitations, Academic Regalia & Dean’s Card  on the day before your Convocation Ceremony. A relative or friend can pick up your items, if necessary. If you require special arrangements to pick up your Invitations, Academic Regalia or Dean's Card, please contact

It should be noted that if a graduate's Dean's Card or Academic Regalia is not picked up, the graduate will be assumed to be graduating in Absentia. The graduate's parchment will not be presented at Convocation nor will any provisions be made for participation in the ceremony.

Invitations to Spring Convocation

All graduates will receive 4 invitations to their graduation ceremony.  An invitation is required for all guests entering the Theatre Auditorium.

Loyola 290 will be open for guests unable to sit in the McNally Main Auditorium who wish to watch the live ceremony.

If you would like to request consideration for extra tickets, please contact, starting April 1, 2019.

Academic Regalia
RegaliaAcademic Regalia refers to the formal attire worn by graduates and the members of the academic procession during the ceremony. The regalia consists of a hood, robe and mortar board (graduate students only).

According to Academic Regulation 27 (c): “Students will not be permitted to convocate if they are not attired in the academic regalia appropriate to their academic program at Saint Mary's University.”

Deans Cards
Deans Cards are a vital part of the convocation ceremony as it is the only method by which your Dean knows your name and can therefore announce it. If your name is unique/difficult to pronounce you may wish to write the phonetic spelling clearly on your Dean's Card. Do not forget to bring your Dean's Card to Convocation.