Executive and Professional Development

In House Training

If you’d like to enhance the expertise, skills, and insights of your team, we’d like to help – by bringing our team to your workplace.

Our goal is to meet your needs. Together we’ll determine what will work best for your employees. This may involve running an existing course, customizing a course, or developing a new course altogether. Here are some of the organizations we've helped over the years.

In-house development can give you the greatest flexibility – and the most successful outcomes. It is particularly valuable for organizations with specific or unique learning goals and those launching new programs or moving in new directions.  

Here’s why in-house programs pay off – for you and your organization:

  • participants have a common frame of reference for applying the skills they learn
  • work teams are strengthened through the learning process
  • discussions involve a level of detail that isn't possible in a general class setting
  • the group can have full and frank discussions
  • learning outcomes are enhanced because the focus is on what's relevant to your organization
  • sessions can be scheduled to suit your timelines
  • content can be built around your organizational context
  • costs are lower and timetable challenges fewer
  • the learning can be integrated into other workplace activities and initiatives

We'll work with you to develop a program that works for you.

Our approach

Assessment and Consultation

Together we:

  • review your training options based on group size, budget, level of learning, and subject area
  • consult with key staff members to set realistic expectations and achievable outcomes
  • develop a program that uses proven curricula to respond to your unique needs
  • advise you on course work – before, during, and after the in-house session

Coordination and Delivery

Then we:

  • consult with you when choosing an instructor
  • prepare and deliver all course materials
  • manage timelines for all deliverables
  • assist you in communicating with participants
  • collect and summarize feedback
  • distribute post-program materials

Our guarantee

Our courses come with a guarantee. We call it our Programming Commitment, and it ensures:

  • a program that is appropriate for the group size
  • courses delivered at your workplace or another site of your choosing – including private program delivery at either of our two sites
  • courses facilitated by skilled instructors with firsthand knowledge and experience in the field
  • content that is relevant and current
  • a full binder of materials for each participant
  • a certificate for each participant, upon successful completion
  • a comprehensive evaluation report of learning outcomes and results

We’ll help you develop an A+ team.

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