Finance (FINA)

Finance courses are offered by the Department of Finance, Information Systems, and Management Science.

The requirements for the Finance major within the Bachelor of Commerce program are described below and in Section 3 of the Calendar. A Master of Finance degree is offered. This graduate program is described in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

Note: Students are advised that possession of the minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission to a particular academic program. Limits to the number of students who can be in a particular program at any one time exist and depend very much on the number of faculty members available in a particular academic unit.

Upon completion of 45 credit hours, Commerce students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 may elect to declare a major in Finance. (In exceptional circumstances, students can also be admitted to the major by permission of the Chairperson.)

To assist students, the Year 3 and Year 4 course requirements for a Finance major and the core BComm degree program requirements are listed below. Course descriptions follow.

To complete a major in Finance, students must attain a minimum grade point average of 2.2 in FINA 4463, FINA 4466, FINA 4467 and the six (6) credit hours used to satisfy the 4000 level Finance electives requirement (as indicated below by *).

Year 3

ACCT 3343    Financial Accounting Analysis
FINA 2360     Business Finance I
FINA 3361     Business Finance II
MGMT 3480 Ethical Responsibilities of Organizations
Three (3) credit hours in Commerce electives at 3000 level or above.
Six (6) credit hours in non-Commerce electives.
Nine (9) credit hours in free electives.

Year 4

*FINA 4463   Financial Management
*FINA 4466   Investments
*FINA 4467   Portfolio Management
MGMT 4489 Strategic Management
*Six (6) credit hours in Finance electives at 4000 level except FINA 4491 [ACCT 4445 and ECON 4403 may be used to satisfy this requirement].
Six (6) credit hours in non-commerce electives.
Six (6) credit hours in free electives.