Grade Appeals

Effective March 2020.

Saint Mary’s University has introduced changes to its academic appeals process for winter term 2020 to further support students.

The university, through its academic Senate, respects the value of your academic transcript and believes it is in the long-term interests of students to retain a letter grade where possible. However, if you believe your academic performance has been compromised (for whatever reason, including illness, family circumstance, the transition to remote delivery of courses, concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic), you have the option of appealing your grade using this form. You may do this up to three months after you receive your grade.  If you have applied to graduate in May and you wish to pursue this option, you are encouraged to submit your appeal upon receiving your grade.

Appeal fees waived

In recognition that this has been a challenging time for many students, all fees for academic appeals for the winter 2020 term are being waived, and the process streamlined:

  • After you have confirmed with your instructor that there has not been an error and there are no more changes to be made, you may complete the appeal form which will then be reviewed by the Associate Dean of the Faculty in which the course is offered
  • If appropriate your appeal will be considered by the Academic Appeals Committee
  • If the Academic Appeals Committee upholds your appeal, then they will adjust your grade as appropriate

The university recognizes that this is a time of change and uncertainty for everyone.  We will continue to respond quickly and responsibly to the current situation and support all of our students and community members for personal and academic success.