Executive and Professional Development


Do you ever wonder what people get out of the seminars we offer?  And whether the skills and knowledge that’s shared in our classrooms is valuable?  We do.  So we asked our participants. 

If you’re deciding which program to take or want some insight into what others have found valuable, please have a look at the testimonials below.  They’re from people like you who may have hesitated at first, but once the first step was made, they were converted!

Certificate in Business Communications   

        Meggan Desmond     |     Rebecca Humphreys     |     Crystal Jefferson     |     Gerry Evans     |     Silong Wang

Certificate in Engaging Stakeholders and Leading Change

        Cory Martin

Certificate in Financial Management

        Andrew Pye     |     Gerry Evans

Certificate in Managing Conflict (formally called the Certificate in Resolving Conflict)

        Carol Logan

Certificate in Skills for New Managers

        Joseph Kvitek     |     Blake Smith

Certificate in Team Building and Group Dynamics

        Jessica Battiste     |     Anna Maria Brown

Masters Certificate in Project Management

        Ashley MacPherson