Executive and Professional Development


Diving into the learning

As Cabinet Committee Coordinator with the Executive Council Office of the Nova Scotia government, Rebecca Humphreys prepares Orders in Council. “It’s very precise work, and it’s important to ensure everything is grammatically correct,” she says.

To stay current and brush up on her grammar and proofreading skills, Rebecca took Saint Mary’s famously named “boot camp” course. “I reaffirmed I was doing many things correctly,” she says, “and I learned more about what is grammatically acceptable and where there are grey areas.”

Rebecca also learned the two-day boot camp course was part of the Certificate in Business Communication, and she signed up. “It offered me huge benefits on the job and in terms of personal development,” says Rebecca.

The interactive format was highly effective, she notes. “It isn’t about sitting around and listening to someone talk. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and diving into the learning.”

The group work helped participants put into practice the skills they were learning about, Rebecca adds. But, she notes, it did much more than that. “It was fun to be in a group. Everyone has a different take. That forces you to think about your own approach.”

The group work not only challenges participants to explore new perspectives and new ways of working, it had an added benefit, says Rebecca. “Working in groups is an important skill in itself and it helped to hone my understanding of group dynamics. That was a plus.” 



It offered me huge benefits on the job and in terms of personal development.