Executive and Professional Development


Learning about teams – and yourself

Jessica Battiste is building a new set of skills today to be an effective team leader tomorrow. The Lab Technician with Immucor, which plays a vital role in making blood transfusions safe for patients around the world, recently completed the Saint Mary’s Certificate in Team Building and Group Dynamics.

“It was extremely helpful,” says Jessica, who works in Dartmouth. “In fact, I recommended to the director of operations that the program be mandatory for all managers.”

Understanding the intricacies and essentials of team building will help Jessica in her current job, but it will be invaluable in roles she takes on in the future. In part, it was planning for future roles that spurred Jessica to take the certificate program now. “I wanted to learn more about building strong and successful teams,” says Jessica.

“This is at the heart of what we do at Immucor.”

As part of exploring the essential elements of building teams that thrive, Jessica also learned a lot about herself. “I realized I had to think about how I was going to approach a situation and how I should react,” she says. “This was a new way of thinking for me.”

Jessica credits the instructors – and the participants – with making the certificate courses both insightful and enjoyable. The facilitators brought a first-hand understanding of the issues as well as extensive knowledge of the subject matter.  Participants were encouraged to share their experiences and real-life examples from their work experience. This added another important dimension, says Jessica.

“The program was very practical, but it was also fun,” she notes. “That’s a great way to learn.”


I realized I had to think about how I was going to approach a situation and how I should react.  This was a new way of thinking for me.