Executive and Professional Development


Putting real-life situations to the test

As the District Manager for Shoppers Drug Mart in Nova Scotia, Cory Martin works in an ever-changing and competitive retail marketplace. Thriving in that environment requires insight and information. Cory got that – and more – with his Certificate in Engaging Stakeholders and Leading Change.

“I wanted to stay current and learn new skills,” says Cory. “The program enabled me to do both.”

As part of his certificate program, Cory completed a project that required him to put what he learned about change management to the test. “Change management is very close to the retail sector and what is happening here,” he says. “This project spoke to my current situation.”

The focus of the project was on taking a real-life scenario and applying the tips, techniques and approaches discussed during the course. Cory developed his particular project with the help of the three other members in his working group. “They provided guidance,” says Cory.

So did the instructor. At the conclusion of the course, personal feedback on the project was provided. “This was invaluable,” says Cory. “I explored how I could use the concepts in class in my project and then I applied them right away at work.”

All three courses in the certificate program provided Cory with practical approaches to working more effectively including ideas for engaging stakeholders inside and outside his organization and aligning his team’s need with that of the company. “The courses offered a lot of opportunity for participation and working through real-life scenarios,” says Cory. “I put a lot of what I learned into practice the next day.”

The instructors were “excellent,” adds Cory, but the interaction with other participants was extremely helpful as well. “Being able to interact with others outside my sector has taught me alot.”

It was also, he notes, an important networking opportunity. “I made new contacts. We’re still in touch today.”



Being able to interact with others outside my sector has taught me a lot.  I made new contacts. We’re still in touch today.