Women and Gender Studies

Joint Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies Program


Joint Timetable Women and Gender Studies 2018-19


Graduate Coordinators 2018-2019:

Saint Mary’s University: Dr. Michele Byers

McNally South 425

E-mail: michele.byers@smu.ca


Mount Saint Vincent University: Dr. Randi Warne

Seton 326

Phone: 902-457-6280 E-mail: randi.warne@msvu.ca 


NOTE: SMU students register for all their courses via Banner, MSVU student register for all their courses via Moodle.


Required Courses:

Saint Mary’s University

WGST 6602.1—Feminist Methodologies

Term: Fall

Day/Time: T 04:00-07:30pm

Instructor: Benita Bunjun

Location: McNally Main 215


WGST 6603.1 Graduate Seminar

Term: Fall

Day/Time: T/ Th 11:30am-12:45pm

Instructor: Michele Byers

Location: Atrium 217


Mount Saint Vincent University:

GWGS 6601(02) Feminist Theory

Term: Winter

Day/Time: T 04:30-07:00pm

Instructor: Marnina Gonick

Location: SAC 501


Electives Courses: Note that this is a partial list, please see Banner / Moodle for other options or contact your Graduate Coordinator.


For Directed Study and Directed Reading courses, please see the Graduate Coordinator.


Saint Mary’s University Elective Courses

WGST 6604.2 Queer Theory, Th 10:00-11:15, Instructor: Michele Byers

WGST 6740.2 Intersectionalities. R 4-630. Instructor: Benita Bunjun

WGST 6811.2 Religion, Race and Gender, M 1:00-3:45, Instructor: Sailaja Krishnamurti

WGST 6829.2 Gender & International Migration, Fr 4:00-6:30, Instructor: Evie Tastsoglou

WGST 6867.2 Sexualized Violence, Th 4:00-5:15, Instructor: Audrey MacNevin

WGST 6868.1 Gender and Irish Drama, MW 11:30-12:45, Instructor: Ariel Watson

WGST 6871.1 Women, Gender & Development, M 4:00-6:30, Instructor: Evie Tastsoglou

WGST 6873.2 Queer Shakespeare, Th 11:30-12:45, Instructor: Goran Stanivukovic

Note: 1 after course number denotes Fall Term; 2 Winter Term


Mount Saint Vincent University Elective Courses

GWGS 6612/ WOMS 4412 Senior Seminar, Topic: Women and Gender Resistance, Winter, M 04:30-07:00,Instructor: El Jones, Nancy’s Chair

GEDU 6100.18 Quantitative Research Methods, Winter, T 04:30-07:00, Instructor: TBA (Note: Course taught as Distance Collaborate)

GEDU 6107 Qualitative Research Methods, Fall, W 04:30-07:00, Instructor: A. Cole

GEPY 6608 Intermediate Statistics & Research Design, Fall, T 01:30-04:15, Instructor: K. Ritchie

WOMS 3301(01) ST: Decolonizing Feminism, Fall, Th 01:00-03:30, Instructor: Sherry Pictou

WOMS 3302(01) ST: Topic TBA, Winter, Th 10:00am-12:30pm, Instructor: Sherry Pictou

WOMS 3302(02) ST: Women, Work and Caregiving, Winter, T Th 10:30-11:45, Instructor: Tammy Findlay

WOMS/FSGN 3305 Women and Aging, Fall, W 04:30-07:00, Instructor: TBA

WOMS 3310 Women’s Studies Methodologies, Winter, Th 04:30-07:00, Instructor: Marnina Gonick

WOMS 3311 History of Feminist Thought, Fall, T 04:30-07:00, Instructor: Meredith Ralston

WOMS/RELS 3313 Women, Culture and Food, Fall, W 01:00-03:30, Instructor: Sherry Pictou

WOMS/POLS 3322 Politics and Sex, Winter, T 04:30-06:30, Instructor: Meredith Ralston(This course is a Collaborate Distance course)

WOMS/POLS 3351 Women, War and Peace, Fall, MW 01:30-02:45, Instructor: Maya Eichler

WOMS/PSYC 3365 Psychology of Women, Winter, F 12:00-02:45, Instructor: TBA

WOMS/SOAN 3371 Women, Resistance and Empowerment, Fall, M 04:30-07:00, Instructor: El Jones, Nancy’s Chair

WOMS/POLS/PHIL 3400 Sex Work and Sex Trafficking, Fall, Th 04:30-07:00, Instructor: Meredith Ralston

WOMS 3573 Men and Masculinities, Fall, T 01:00-03:30, Instructor: TBA

WOMS/BUSI 4406 Managing Diversity: Gender & Other Issues, Fall, T Th 10:30-11:45, Instructor: TBA

WOMS/BUSI 4406 Managing Diversity: Gender & Other Issues, Winter, T Th 01:30-02:45, Instructor: TBA