Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Teresa Colleen McNeil, 1994

The Impacts of Development on the Little Sackville River, Sackville, Nova Scotia, 1966-1992


This paper proposes that residential and commercial development of the community of Sackville, Nova Scotia has imposed considerable stress on a local river, the Little Sackville, flowing through its centre. It is suggested that as the watershed developed from a predominantly forested area in 1966 to a major suburban centre by 1992, the human impact resulted in an increase in flooding, erosion, sedimentation, and pollution, threatening both the river and the community. Sackville has turned its back on one of its most important resources, its river. What could be a focal point for community enjoyment and enhancement has been treated as a common backwater. By taking an environmentally friendly approach, it may be possible to instill in the community an appreciation for their river by restoring and preserving it as a vital resource for current and future residents to enjoy.