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Teaching Assistant (TA) Request Form

This is a merit-based position, and students will be compensated for their time and effort. Faculty members determine how the TA will contribute to the course and establish mutually-agreeable expectations/outcomes for improved teaching and learning in the course.

  • TAs do not provide tutoring for students.
  • The faculty member is responsible for assigning the final grade on each assignment, quiz, and homework (even if the TA marks it first).
  • Undergraduate TAs are expected to work, on average, 4 hours per week.
  • Graduate TAs are expected to work, on average, 13 hours per week.
  • TAs are expected to attend an employee training session held before the start of the fall semester.
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Tasks performed by TA applicant

What responsibilities will your TA hold? Select all that apply.

Preparing discussion outlines
Preparing handouts
Preparing assignments/problem sets
Reading texts/manuals/source materials
Preparing tutorial notes
Preparing audiovisual materials
Preparing/setting up laboratory materials
Uploading files to Blackboard
Prepare review materials for quizzes
Contact Time
Conducting tutorials/seminars
Conducting special seminars/workshops
Demonstrating problem solving
Office hours
Reading and responding to students' emails
Online discussion groups
Facilitate in-class discussion groups
Hold review sessions for exams
Oral presentations
End-of-term tests
Entering grades onto computer
Other duties

Exam invigilation
Preparation for proctoring (ex: Transporting exams, counting exams, preparing class lists,etc.)
Time spent after proctoring (ex: Alphabetizing exams, transporting exams,etc.)
Calculating/recording/tabulating grades
Clerical (photocopying handouts/readings)
Request rooms
Request equipment






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I understand that my request for a TA may be delayed or rejected if I have not effectively described a need for a TA, if my class enrollment is low, if I submit my request after the deadline, or if there are budget constraints.



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