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Dr. Darryl R. J. Leroux, Associate Professor, Full-Time Faculty - Profile

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Saint Mary's University
Halifax, NS, B3H-3C3
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Dr. Leroux is on leave in fall 2020


Academic Biography

  • Ph.D. Carleton University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology (2010)
  • M.A. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education (2005)
  • B. A. (Honours), Trent University, Department of Native Studies (2003)

Darryl Leroux teaches courses in social theory, critical race theory, studies of colonialism, multiculturalism and the politics of social memory. He has taught previously at Carleton University and at the University of Ottawa, in both English and French. His peer-reviewed book, tentatively titled Distorted Descent: Whiteness and the Desire to Become Indigenous, will be published in September 2019.

His research interests revolve around three main themes:

  • He received a three-year Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight Grant in 2016 to study the connections between national genomics and genealogy in Quebec.  The project seeks to understand whether and/or in which ways newer DNA-based technologies are interacting with older blood-based ones to redefine understandings of race and racism.  The project employs conventional ethnographic research in three regions of Quebec, as well as a dynamic "virtual" ethonography component that includes online genealogy forums.
  • As part of his work on the politics of race, racism, and colonialism in Quebec and French Canada, he studies the social, political, and legal dynamics that have led French-descendant people to increasingly claim Indigenous identities over the past decade-and-a-half.  In particular, he seeks to record and understand the work of so-called metis organizations in Quebec, which often openly oppose existing Indigenous peoples' rights and/or claims.

Selected Publications

  • Leroux, Darryl. In Press." Le Révisionnisme historique et la création des Métis de l'est: la mythologie du métissage au Québec et en Nouvelle-Écosse. "Politiques et société.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2018."We've been here for 2,000 years": White Settlers, Native American DNA and the Politics of Indigeneity." Social Studies of Science.
  • Leroux, Darryl. and Lynn Caldwell. 2017. “The Settler-Colonial Imagination: Comparing Commemoration in Saskatchewan and Québec.” Memory Studies.
  • Gaudry, Adam and Darryl Leroux. 2017. "White Settler Revisionism and Making Metis Everywhere: The Contemporary Evocation of Metissage in Quebec and Nova Scotia. Jourrnal of Critical Ethnic Studies, 3(1):116-42
  • Vowel, Chelsea and Darryl Leroux. 2016. "White Settler Antipathy and the Daniels Decision." TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies (36): 30-42.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2016. "Le Grand livre de Champlain: Cartography, Colonialism, and Commemoration in the French Atlantic." Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. 18(3):404-421.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2015. “ ‘A Genealogist’s Paradise:’ France, Québec, and the Genealogics of Race." Ethnic and Racial Studies. 38(5): 718−33.
  • Leroux, Darryl and Malinda Smith. 2014.  "Multiculturalism within a Bilingual Framework: Introduction to Review Dossier." Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études ethniques au Canada 46(2): 97−102.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2014. "Entrenching Euro-Settlerism: Multiculturalism and the Politics of Nationalism in Québec." Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études ethniques au Canada 46(2): 117−24.
  • Caldwell, Lynn, Darryl Leroux, and Carrianne Leung. (eds.) 2013. Critical Inquiries: A Reader in Studies of Canada. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2013. “The Many Paradoxes of Race in Québec: Civilization, Laïcité and Gender (In)Equality,” in Critical Inquiries: A Reader in Studies of Canada. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2012. “Debating Québec’s Interculturalism as a Response to Canada’s Multiculturalism: An Exercise in Normative Nationalisms?” Canadian Diversity/Diversité canadienne, 9(2), 67-71.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2011. “Québec in France: Towards an understanding of the trans-Atlantic French-Québec subject.” Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation and Culture, 17(3), 373-91.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2010. “Québec Nationalism and the Production of Difference: The Bouchard-Taylor Commission, Québec Identity Act, and Québec's Immigrant Integration Policy.” Quebec Studies, 49, 107-26.
  • Leroux, Darryl. 2010. “The Spectacle of Champlain: Commemorating Québec.” Borderlands, 9(1).

Current Courses

  • Social Power Relations 
  • Race, Racism, Colonialism 
  • Legacies of Settler Colonialism

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