Department of Religious Studies


General requirements: Students seeking admission to the programme must meet the admission requirements outlined in the calendars of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at Saint Mary's University and Atlantic School of Theology. In addition to be eligible for admission, applicants must have an Honours B.A. in Religious Studies or Theology, or a first degree in Theology (Masters in Divinity, for example), or their equivalent from an AUCC accredited university or a similarly recognized institution. Students applying without these qualifications, but otherwise qualified, will generally be required to take additional courses related to their programme as stipulated by the M.A. Programme Committee. Applicants should review the Calendar for AST and for Graduate Studies at Saint Mary's University.

Language Requirements:  Candidates for the M.A. in the thesis stream are required to demonstrate a reading proficiency in a modern language, normally French or German. Students may apply to the Programme Committee to be examined in another modern language if it is more relevant to their specialty. Those entering the M.A. are expected to pass the modern language requirements by the end of their second semester. Exemption from these requirements is granted to those who have proof of a reading competence in the language. In fulfillment of a language requirement the acceptable standard of proficiency is the equivalent of a grade of “B” or higher in a SMU 2000 level undergraduate language course. This standard may be demonstrated by completing a university course or by an examination administered by the M.A. Programme Committee. Students whose work concentrates on Biblical Studies must have completed, with a grade of “B” or higher, two full university courses of ancient Greek, Latin or Hebrew. Students in the course only stream will not be required to take a second language.

Applicants whose first Language is not English must meet the minimum requirements laid out in the Saint Mary's University Calendar, Section 2. See “Recruitment and Admission Services, Academic Regulations, and Information and Registration” for detailed information on the minimum admission criteria which apply to applicants whose first language is other than English. Note in particular, Section 2.2.i, “Language Requirement” which specifies the acceptable test sites and types as well as the standard minimum scores required for admission. For admission to the M.A. in Theology and Religious Studies, applicants will be required to achieve 550 on the oral comprehension and the written components of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as well as 550 overall with recognized equivalents on the computerized and internet based TOEFL. 

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For application to the programme please find the application forms at the Faculty of Graduate Studies.