Department of Religious Studies

Faculty and Staff

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Department Secretary

Kathleen Jewell

Phone: 902-420-5823
Fax: 902-491-6286
Room: MN508

Office Hours:

September 1 to May 30 - Mon to Fri - 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
June 1 to August 31: Mon to Fri - 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm


   Full-time Professors 


Dr. Magi Abdul-Masih 
Chair in Catholic Studies, Associate Professor

 B.A. (Bryn Mawr), M.A. (Johns Hopkins), Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins), M.Div. (University of St. Michael's), Ph.D. (University of St. Michael's) 

Research Areas: The Catholic Church Today; Contemporary Religions in the Middle East; Orientalism 


Dr. Syed Adnan Hussain

 Assistant Professor 

B.A.( McGill), M.T.S (Candler School of Theology at Emory University), J.D. (Emory), Ph.D. (Univeristy of Toronto)

 Research areas: Islam in South Asia, Political Islam, Modern Islam, Film, Queer Studies, Colonialism and Postcolonialism. 

Co-Chair, American Academy of Religion: Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Religion Section 

Steering Committee: American Academy of Religion: Religion, Film, and Visual Culture Group.

 Email: syedadnan.hussain [at]   


Dr. Alexander Soucy



B.A. (Concordia), M.A. (Concordia), Ph.D. (The Australian National University)

Research Areas: Anthropology of Religion; Vietnamese Buddhism; Buddhism in Canada; Gender and Religion




Dr. Sailaja Krishnamurti 

B.A .(York), M.A. (Victoria), Ph.D. (York) 

Research and teaching areas: religious traditions in the South Asian diaspora; migration, race, and religion in Canada; religion, gender, and sexuality; religious traditions in the African diaspora; religion, literature, and popular culture; religion and comics; children, religion, and education 




Dr. Mary Hale 

Assistant Professor 

B.A. (Cal State - Long Beach); M.Div. (Boston University);.Ph.D. (Concordia) 

Courses: Love, Death, Introduction to Western Traditions, Religion and Social Issues in CanadaResearch Interests: Interrelatedness of Religion and Politics in Canada; Secularization in Canada; Judaism; Religion and Food; Religion and Education.


    Professor Emerutus (Retired)

Dr. Paul Bowlby 

B.A. (McMaster), M.A. (McMaster), Ph.D. (McMaster)  

Research Areas: Religious Diversity in Canada; Religions and Multiculturalism; Religious Traditions of Asia 

Dr. Anne Marie Dalton 

B.Sc. (Memorial), B.Ed. (Memorial), M.A. (Fordham), Ph.D. (Catholic University of America)  

Research Areas: Religion and Culture; Religion and Ecology; Religion and Gender, Religion and International Development. 

Dr. Terry Murphy 

Professor Emeritus in Religious Studies 

Research Areas: Religions in Canada and Atlantic Canada

Dr. Emero Stiegman 

Professor Emeritus in Religious Studies 

Dr. Stiegman was an outstanding teacher in Religious Studies for over twenty-five years. He continues his study and academic work on St. Bernard in retirement and continues as a good friend to the Department he served so well.






    Part-time Faculty


Dr. Wendell Eisener 

B.Mus. (Acadia), M.Div. (Wilfrid Laurier); M.A. (Acadia), S.T.D. (St. Elias Orthodox Seminary)  

Courses: Introduction to Religious Studies; Introduction to Religious Experience






Ms. Wynne Jordan 

B.A. (Saint Mary's), M.A. (Queen's) 

Courses: Love, Religion in Contemporary Culture






Dr. David Sable 

B.A. (Columbia), M.A. (Columbia), Ph.D. (Dalhousie) 

Courses: The Buddhist Religious Tradition; Spirituality and Work; Spirituality in the Workplace; The Buddhist Path: Ritual, Meditation and Wisdom





Dr. Chris Cutting 

B.A. English Literature (Saint Mary's), B.A. Religious Studies (Saint Mary's), M.A. Religion and Culture (Wilfrid Laurier), Ph.D.Religious Diversity in North America (Waterloo). 

Research Areas: Sociology of Religion, Immigrant Religious Diversity in Canada and Multiculturalism, Religion and Public Policy, Islam in North America. (Doctoral dissertation is on the so-called “Sharia debate” that took place in Ontario between 2003 and 2005). 

Courses Taught: Death (SMU), Love (MSVU), Evil (UW), Field Research on Religions (SMU), Religion and Film (STFX), Sociology of Religion (STFX), Global Perspectives on Religion and Public Policy (Global Studies Department WLU), Political Approaches in Culture and Religion in Canada (Political Science Department WLU), Global Conflict and the Search for Peace (Global Studies Department WLU), Global Migrations and Refugees (Global Studies Department WLU).





Mandy MacArthur 

BA (Hons) and MA iReligious Studies (Saint Mary's ).

SpecializatiNG in religion and environmental ethics. In addition to teaching both online and face-to-face courses, Mandy works as an Instructional Designer with the Educational Development department at SMU. Mandy is passionate about engaging with religion in a contemporary context, finding new and innovative ways to showcase its relevance for environmental sustainability and issues surrounding social justice. When not working, Mandy enjoys spending time with her family, doing anything outdoors, including hiking, camping, swimming, kayaking, and biking!