Department of Religious Studies

About Us

Saint Mary's was founded over two hundred years ago by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Nova Scotia. (More history.) Now the university is a public institution. Out of recognition for the important contribution of Christians to the formation and development of Saint Mary's University, the Religious Studies Department offers a wide range of courses on the Christian Tradition and Roman Catholicism. From within its focus on religion and culture the department offers introductory courses on Christian Religious Tradition in its many cultural and denominational settings around the world and on the formative contributions of Christianity to Western Cultures and Traditions. Courses may include: introductions to the Bible, the Roman Catholic Church, Liberation theologies and Christian ethics.

The Religious Studies Department wishes to acknowledge with immense gratitude the on-going support of the Patrick Power Estate which annually contributes toward the cost of one faculty position in the department whose teaching and research responsibilities are on the Christian Tradition.

The Department works closely at the graduate level with the Atlantic School of Theology [AST] since ASTs affiliation with Saint Mary's University. The Department is also an active participant in the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs [CCEPA].